Top 12 Highest North Shore Peaks

  1. BRU Brunswick Mountain (1788m#1) (P: 1294m) {H1}
  2. HAN Mount Hanover (1748 m#2) (P: 238m) {H!!!&&1}
  3. CAT Cathedral Mountain (1737m#3)(P:832m){H!!!&&2}
  4. WIN Mount Windsor (1689 m#4) (P: 264m) {m2}
  5. CAP Capilano Mountain (1685 m#5) (P: 603m) {m1}
  6. DEE Deeks Peak(1672 m#6) (P: 207m) {m2}
  7. LIO West Lion (1654m#8) (P: 369m) {H!!!1}
  8. HAR Mount Harvey (1652m#7) (P: 207m) {m1}
  9. COB Coburg Peak (1645m#10(P:152m) {H!!!2}
  10. HAT Hat Mountain (1644 m#9) (P: 144m) {m2}
  11.  GOT Gotha Peak (1641m#11) (P: 111m) {m2}
  12. CFA Fat Ass Peak (1619m#12) (P: 50m) {m3}

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