For baggers keen to explore other nearby trails, Dick Culbert has sent in this very cool trail development on the Sunshine Coast:



A well marked trail system trail system has now been established from the Langdale Ferry Terminal on the Sunshine Coast to the summit of Mt. Elphinstone. 

A trail to the summit of Mt Elphinstone (1266m., 4153 ft.) above the Langdale ferry landing on the Sunshine Coast was opened in 2010.  The main trailhead may be reached from the ferry by following traffic straight up the divided highway known as the Bypass.  At the top of the hill, where traffic turns left down to the town of Gibsons, turn right instead.  The road promptly ends in a “T” junction with both arms gated.  The trailhead and parking is before the gate on the right.

The Elpinstone Summit Trail is defined by yellow markers, and runs almost entirely through mature forests until the open summit ridge with good views.  For safety reasons, the trailhead sign suggest eight hours return, but most parties in summer will find six sufficient.  Two hours should be added, however, if walking up from the ferry.  For those wishing to come across as a foot passenger (recommended on summer weekends) and have little appetite for trudging 3 km. up the open, busy Bypass Highway, a bypass-bypass route has been established with pink markers.  From the entrance to the ferry lot, walk 200 meters north up the coastal highway to Warf Road.  The route starts from the top of this and joins the summit trail just above the main trailhead.


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