Howe Sound Crest Trail: on the Glorious Fifth (of September)

As a multi-day heavy-pack hike, HSCT is a nasty multi-hump-backed monster.

As a peak bagging adventure artery, it is essential.

As a trail run, it is spectacular. There are few finer trial-running stretches than the single-track swoosh down from Hat Pass to Deeks Lake, past azure lakes, waterfalls, giant trees, and glorious peaks.

One tip: old HSCT goes down, down, down, east of St David Peak, descending towards a lake, and losing and gaining almost as much elevation of would be done via the peak itself). Surely more interesting to go over St David Peak, along the new route? If you are heading N-S, pay attention at the mini-meadow at the foot of the Harvey clearcut (presently a glorious food bar of all varieties of blueberries): the trail splits between the two options (with the St David Peak path, right, being the more obscure one). Heading S-N you also have to be on your toes: at a small tarn, do not follow the dominant (old) path, but look up for a narrow but obvious trail (with flags) heading up.

Lions (L); St James Peak (M); St David Peak (R)


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