Glorious Gambier: newly added Bagger Peak: Burt’s Peak

Gambier Island’s fourth peak, Burt’s Peak (GBU), is located in the northeast quadrant of Gambier Island, above Brigade Bay, to the north of Mt Artaban.  It is a decent 525 metres tall, with a prominence of 485m from Mt Artaban. 

Although a lightly-flagged trail exists, the peak is little visited or known. But it is a worthy and enjoyable climb.


You can access the peak either from the south or the north.

From the south, take the well-established Burt’s Bluff Trail (faded green trail markers), which climbs uphill to the north from the connector trail between Mt. Artaban and Camp Artaban. After a steady climb, the trail travels along an old logging road running between two bumps: the scenic vista of Burt’s Bluff (left) and Burt’s Peak (right). Travel another 200 metres or so along the logging road, past some cliffy bits, until you see a natural route jagging sideways up the rock. Travel upwards on a steep but manageable slope (very minor bushwhacking: there is minimal undergrowth). Pass over three flattish washes that look like old logging roads. This will lead to another pair of uplands: go left (although the right also has flagging). This leads to an obvious peak, covered in the beautiful and abundant moss that Gambier is rightly famous for. From the sunny and tranquil peak, there are pleasing views of the Howe Sound Crest Trail mountains. Map.

From the north, a (now) well-flagged ridge climb starts at the north end of Lost Lake. Climb steadily southwards to the peak.


Instead of risking your neck on a snowy peak, go to Gambier and do a circle tour of Burt’s Bluffs, Burt’s Peak, and beautiful Lost Lake.  The amazing Gambier Island Trail network map will be invaluable.


The ambitious can combine it with an ascent of Artaban as well. Take a water taxi from Horseshoe Bay to Halkett Bay ($25: Cormorant Marine) for Artaban or to Brigade Bay (probably a little more expensive) for Burt’s Peak.


More travel options:

Mercury Launch & Tug has regularly-scheduled trips to various points at the south end of Gambier Island, and back to Horseshoe Bay. 604 921 7451

BC Ferries runs a small ferry between Langdale, Keats Island, and New Brighton.

Gambier Water Taxi (based in New Brighton) can ferry you across to Langdale from Gambier Island: 604 740 1133



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